Of all the projects at aRTLIFEdesign, Westwind best epitomizes the philosophy of the company: a focus on modern Zen-like simplicity of design, a zeal for sustainable materials, and a sharp eye for how the house relates to the landscape and acts as a portal for the spectacular surrounding views.

As the name implies, Westwind is bathed in a constant soft, soothing breeze that can be appreciated from the wrap-around stone terraces, a perfect perch to view more than 100 stunning acres of protected fields and wildlife habitats. The house consists of two barnlike volumes made from organic materials — including antique wood and hand-hewn beams — chosen not only to blend with the natural environment, but to minimize the need for maintenance. And unlike most minimalist architecture, much attention is given to intuitive built-in storage and a practical traffic flow. With ceilings ranging up to 20 feet, the house exudes simplistic grandeur. Light is plentiful.

Many rooms have three exposures, and virtually all of them face south. In the upstairs hallway, overhead windows create a scene reminiscent of a Vermeer painting in which the effect of sunlight is apparent, but the source of the light obscured. Westwind is not only a strikingly beautiful modern house with refined bones, but its intelligent placement makes it appear that the house has owned its ground for decades.

Photography by Peter Peirce and Diane Love.