Clouds, like Westwind and Windsong, is set amidst the rolling fields and wetland of 50 protected acres with wildflower meadows and trails. The house appears as a farm building perched on the top of a small bluff overlooking the wetland filled with birds and bears. The weathered cedar exterior is capped with a standing seam stainless steel roof and stone chimney. The southwestern elevation with 100 feet of windows captures the rolling fields, wildflower meadows and the swaying reeds and trees of the wetland habitat during sunrise and a magnificent sunset.

The long drive winds through a cherry orchard which is bursting with pink flowers in the spring with wonderful long range views of the green hills in the distance.

The entrance opens to a dramatic 100-foot gallery with 20’ plus ceilings, with an eastern facing ribbon of windows set at the ceiling level, which makes the contemporary art glow in the space. Twenty foot ceilings in the main rooms arranged enfilade along the western view frame the view of light and nature in action. With the master suite and offices on the main floor, the aim of this project, to create a 5,000 sf home where one could live on the main floor, was realized. Two large guest suites, gym and massage room are on the lower level with 10’ ceilings looking out on the rolling fields with an intimate view of the wildflowers.

Featured photo by Chris Wallace, gallery photos by Carina Liebeknecht.