Cricket Hill

Sensitively perched atop five high acres of undulating open meadow and woodland, this 2,000-sq.-ft. white clapboard cottage demonstrates how land, home, and lifestyle can coexist harmoniously. Borrowing its lines from 19th-Century vernacular houses in the area (but not sacrificing modern convenience), the structure complements rather than dominates the theatrical setting and easily blends with the surrounding meadow and forests to give Cricket Hill a strong sense of place. Illustrating another aRTLIFEdesign theme: Cricket Hill, although new construction, radiates with the patina of house that has lived in its own skin for centuries.

The double-height ceilings of the living/dining room, the soaring stucco fireplace, and open kitchen with stone counters and stainless-steel appliances contribute to the tranquil lines of the cottage. All rooms face out toward the stunning sunset views, while a porch leading to a large stone terrace with garden and wattle fence define the outdoor living space. The clean spartan efficiency of the interior spaces coupled with the charm of instant familiarity make Cricket Hill an enviable no-maintenance weekend cocoon.